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JEFF BEZOS World’s Richest Person-2018

Jeff Bezos is the founder,chairman and CEO of, the world’s largest online shopping retailer.He has also funded in worldwide known companies like AIRBNB,GOOGLE,TWITTER,UBER etc. Here are some facts about him in the following section. Jeff Bezos is the first person who’s total net worth is of 12 digits and is also considered as the […]

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INDIA – Really Incredible

The name India is derived from ‘Indus‘, which originates from the word HINDU. The latter term stems from the sanskrit word “Sindhu” which was the historical local appelation for the Indus River.                                               […]

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myths about moon

Top 10 Myths About Moon From Different Cultures #36

Top 10 Myths about Moon from different cultures   The Moon  is Earth’s satellite, and we usually see it in the night sky. Other planets also have moons or “natural satellites”. Our moon is about a quarter the size of the Earth. Because it is far away it looks small, about half a degree wide. Well […]

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Chimpanzee – The Crazy

Although they are looking cute and cuddely and are generally somewhat smaller than us, Chimpanzees can be quite aggresive and they are phenomenaly strong.They can easily kill a human without really thnking about it – So testing the ‘cute and cuddly bit is not necessarily a good idea! 1.Chimpanzees can decelop their own fashion trends. […]

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Jackie Chan – Amazing personality

Jackie chan  –  Hats off for this person. You all know about jackie chan. He is a great Actor. He is a superstar. He is an amazing personality.No one can take place of Jackie . Lets know more about Jackie 1. No company insures Jackie Chan or his team, so he pays it for himself […]

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Top Strongest Armies in World

10. Turkey Sitting right atop Lebanon, which sits right above Israel, the Republic of Turkey is one of the few nations that are a part of the geographical space that is called Eurasia. Turkey has a current population of 79,414,269 of which 410,500 serve actively in the military and another 185,630 are on reserve duty. […]

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