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Facts About Bats

Facts About Bats – There are numerous facts about atleast all animals, mammals and birds but today we pick bird cum mammal Animal – BAT.

Let me give brief introduction about it –

BAT – Bat is the only mammals that can fly. bats are also among the only mammals known to feed on blood.There are more than 900 species of bats in the world. Some experts estimate the number to be as high as 1,200 species. Bats make up one-fifth of the mammal population on Earth, according toBat Conservation International.

Common misconceptions and fears about bats have led many people to regard the creatures as unclean disease carriers, but bats are actually very helpful in controlling the population of crop-destroying insects.

Some species of bats don’t see well at all but others have the ability to see long ranges. They can even detect ultraviolet lighting.


The Answer of the question that Are Bats Blind ? is at the End.

Keep reading the fun and amazing facts about bats (amazing mammal). 

  1. 70% of bats consume insects and small bugs for food. The other 30% consume various types of fruit. Only a small number of bats feed on blood.
  2. Bats do need to drink water, and some of them can to it while in flight.
  3. Bats live all over the world, except for some islands, and the Arctic and Antarctica.
  4. Despite their small size, bats reproduce very slowly. Female has only one pup per year.
  5. Most bats live in large colonies, usually in the caves. Largest known colony is found in the North America, where 20 million bats reside inside the Bracken Bat Cave in Texas. They can eat up to 200 tons of insects per night.
  6. Bats have a long lifespan. Some species can live up to 40 years.
  7. Most bats hibernate. It can last 30-60 days and during that time bats use stored energy for basic metabolic needs.
  8. Bats have some unique mating behaviors not seen in other animals. Male and female bats meet in hibernation sites, called hibernacula, where they breed.
  9. Bats communicate with high pitched sounds that humans can’t even here. This is why it is often believed that bats don’t interact yet that isn’t true
  10. Vampire bats feed mainly on the blood of cattle. This is the only species of bat that only feeds from this type of nourishment. Very few species of bats though feed on blood.
  11. Most bats are brown or black colored. Rare species are brightly colored (red or orange).
  12. The shape of the bat wings will vary based on the wind direction and speed.
  13. While bats typically do sleep during the day, they also take part in some other activities. This includes grooming, and socializing with each other.
  14.  Bats can detect frequencies between 20 and 120 000 Hz (humans can hear only those from 20 – 20 000 Hz).
  15. Bats “see” using echolocation.


Now its time to give answer of the question.

Are Bats Blind?

The Answer is NO.

Some species of bats don’t see well at all but others have the ability to see long ranges. They can even detect ultraviolet lighting.




Note – These Facts About Bats are randomly picked up from various sources.

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