Amazing Facts About Oxygen O²

1)In case of availability, Oxygen lies at 3rd place just after hydrogen and helium.

2)It is a gift by the god that our environment contains 21% oxygen because 300 millions ago when the amount was 35%, the size of small insects started increasing rapidly.

3)Our body gets 90% of the energy from oxygen and only 10% is from water and food.

4)Oxygen gas is colorless and odourless but liquid and solid oxygen is light blue in color.

5)We respirate about 23,000 times a day which means we take 23 times oxygen as compared to food and 8 times as compared to water.

6)The whole oxygen of the earth renews itself in every 2000 years.

7)Efficiency of the lungs decreases 5% in every 10 years which decreases the inhaling power of lungs.

8)Oxygen does not burn itself but helps other elements to burn .

9)Two-third of weight of every living species is due to oxygen.

10)The color of crab’s blood is clear but when it comes in contact with oxygen then it’s color changes to blue.

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